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Good Shepherd Centre

Bespoke Commercial Space Redesign

We are thrilled to share a transformative redesign of the staff area at The Good Shepherd Centre. We wanted to create more than just a workspace, we aimed to craft a comfortable and relaxing haven for the hardworking staff behind the scenes.

Taking inspiration from the beauty of natural surroundings, the wood panelling effect wallpaper became our canvas, infusing the space with a warm and inviting ambiance. Adding vibrant bursts of colour through cushions and sofas injected a sense of friendliness into every corner. Multiple seating options were curated, offering a spectrum of choices - whether it’s sinking into the cosiness of a sofa or finding a quiet sanctuary at a desk for focused work.

The heart of any workspace is a communal hub, and the kitchen is where we wanted to create this. We prioritised spaciousness and sociability, ensuring that the kitchen because a space not just for meals but for shared laughter and de-stressing conversations.

We found lots of joy working in this project, knowing that every element was tailored to uplift the spirits of dedicated Good Shepherd staff. We wanted to foster a harmonious balance between work and relaxation, making every moment in this space truly special.

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