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DIY Slat Wall Headboard: A Budget-Friendly Project

DIY Slat Wall Headboard: A Budget-Friendly Project

I’ve always wanted to try my hand at creating a slat wall headboard. Though plenty of ready-made slat wall panels are available online, I desired to create a budget-friendly one. Most of these panels come with sound-absorbing backings that add to the overall cost, a feature I didn’t require as I only used the slats as a headboard.

Upon examining the panel sample, I noticed that the slats were merely strips of MDF with a wood veneer on top. Considering the high cost of natural wood, this could be a cost-effective alternative that would still meet the desired aesthetic.

Could I Do This Myself?

With some research, I found that wood veneer is available in rolls. These are pre-glued at the back and available in various wood types and thicknesses. This product, called veneer edging tape, is generally used to finish the edges of furniture or worktops. Taking the plunge, I decided on 30mm rolls of natural real oak to match my bedside tables.

Next, I purchased a sheet of MDF (18mm thickness) from B&Q, which I had cut to the desired height and into 30mm strips to match the width of the veneer roll.